So About Resident Evil 6…

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Did another new video on Strange Talk! This one’s about Resident Evil 6. I did a bunch of articles before the game came out, covering my thoughts on the modern games and going over my favorite monsters of the series, but I haven’t posted anything about my thoughts on the game itself until now. My current experience with the game only comes from the demo, but considering the demo came out shortly before the game, I think it’s pretty much up to date. You can watch the video here or continue reading for the embed.

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  • JuicieJ

    The game really isn’t very good at all. Literally everything besides the graphics feels like it’s from a beta version rather than a final release. It’s decently fun at its core, but every element that branches off from said core suffers from significant flaws and annoyances. It’s definitely secured a spot for one of the most disappointing games of this decade in my book.

  • It stopped at 4… :/

  • Din Akera

    Great action sequences Axle, I thoroughly enjoyed it. To be fair, I haven’t played more than the first couple chapters but I can see what you are saying. However, I feel like I’ll be able to get used to the controls once I play enough and get used to it. In my opinion, there was little to no reason to change the controls as much as they have. in the AC series, basically every game has the same control scheme. With RE6, I literally spent 20-15 mins trying to figure out how to move around. I can totally agree about the movement of the character being to flowy. I totally want to play as a monster. I’m super excited. Haven’t had the chance yet. lol. Your enthusiasm about monsters is always hilarious. XD I would also agree that the game is more action than horror. Moments have rose where I felt legitimate fear, but the 3 the stand out to me were a) simple ‘jump out at you to scare you’ b) suspenseful intensity and c) overwhelming swarm of enemies. That third one was not fear that I was going to die either, it was just an intense ‘holy crap!’ moment. I can’t say I can really pass judgement yet. I haven’t played enough. But so far I like it, probably not as much as RE5, but it’s in the like side of the spectrum. 🙂

  • The Wanderer

    I can’t say a whole lot on the Resident Evil series considering I haven’t played a single one yet (aside from half of 5 with a relative and the demo of Revelations), but I can definitely see where you’re going with this. I’ve watched an entire playthrough of all four stories in RE6, and I have to acknowledge based on what I’ve seen that it fails on both of the original Resident Evil’s goals:

    #1: Make players use their resources wisely.
    #2: Scare the player.

    From what I’ve seen, RE6 basically throws ammo and other supplies at players like candy, and the only actually scary (or at least tense) moment is the invisible giant snake hunt. Like you said, I have no doubt RE6 can be fun, but this new direction is a concern for the series.

    Although again, I haven’t actually fully played a Resident Evil game yet, so I can’t comment too much more. I’d just like to see modern Resident Evil turn itself back to what it was always meant to be.