Two videos about flaws, quality, etc.

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Last night I recorded two videos, one of which I uploaded last night and the other this morning. One is a general video for Strange Talk and the other’s a Zelda Dungeon video, but both deal with related topics.

On Strange Talk I discussed some broad concepts, including the difference between being flawless and perfect, how something can be good despite flaws, and the difference between something being your favorite and it being the best. The Zelda video expands off that and talks specifically about how Zelda is a flawed series, but is still extremely great. Check ’em out:

Flawless vs. Perfect, Favorite vs. Best
Zelda: Flawed But Excellent Anyway

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  • Zelda_1224

    Axel why do you just put a link to the video instead of embedding it?

    • I typically do put a link to my own videos if it’s one from my own channel, but if it’s a Zelda Dungeon video I prefer to link to it on Zelda Dungeon because it’s content for them, not me, and I’d rather not display it personally.