• FAN BOYS OF KORRA UNITE. I am seriously fangasming this entire series. It is absolutely amazing and is absolutely fantastic. It is a large improvement from the last series, and I am loving each minute. The last series will always have a place in my heart, but The Legend of Korra is already quite a bit better.

    • Oh, and very good video. Wonderful points and explanations.

  • Also. About your comments about Koh and removing the bending… Tumblr has got some very very good ideas explaining these things, so I’d suggest checking out popular blogs on Tumblr.

    First of all, it isn’t necessarily energy bending that Amon is doing. The hand and finger positions that Amon uses are positioned incorrectly for it to be energy bending like Aang did at the end of the first series, and the animators wouldn’t make that mistake. Much of the Tumblrverse has determined that he blocks the chuckra located in the head and makes them permanently think that they cannot bend, while he hasn’t actually taken away that ability. However, there is the possibility that he can energy bend, even though I don’t actually think that that is what he’s doing.

    There’s also the issue of Koh. I don’t think that he’s behind Amon’s abilities and actions at all. I did at first, but then I rewatched the episode where Aang met Koh. Koh is all about balance and would never purposefully cause there to be unbalance in the world. He taught Aang where the Moon and Ocean spirits were, and showed how they were always in balance and instructed him to maintain their balance. Koh also took the face of Avatar Kuruk’s wife to teach him how to control himself and not to be so care-free and become a better Avatar. Koh cares about balance. We have not met all of the spirits in the spirit world, so it is very possible that Amon met a different one. Also, Koh and Aang did meet again after Aang was struck with Azula’s lightening, so there isn’t necessarily a need for Koh to reappear in this series.

    • I think he’s definitely doing energy-bending. I don’t buy it that he’s just blocking the chakra, because there’s no evidence that chi blockers can even do that, and if it was anything beyond chi blocking it would have to be some form of bending. The idea of bending someone’s chakras is… um, energy bending. =P I think the hand positions are somewhat meaningless, because he’s still touching their head. The absence of the lightshow is also meaningless, especially since Aang was in the Avatar State when he did it and Amon is the first non-Avatar energy bender.

      Koh is all about balance, yes. That was what I said too. The thing is though, there’s a difference between proper balance and what Koh perceives as balance, and he’s shown that he’s kind of a huge ***hole. He’s killed people just to make a point (like he did when he was pissed at Avatar Kuruk). And as you said, they did meet Koh again and in that encounter he was blatantly trying to screw Aang over with absolutely no reason.

      As I said, Koh cares about his definition of balance, so he could definitely believe — as Amon believes — that benders have to go, or at least the Avatar… or he could be orchestrating this with a completely different purpose in mind. Just because he seems to be doing one thing doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other motives. Same goes for Amon, really.

  • Randomness

    I like the Legend of Korra, but personally I enjoyed Avatar, The Last Air Bender more.