The Wind Waker’s Visuals and the HD Remake

Augh everything conspired to ruin my plans for the weekend, including my power even freaking going out. So here’s the video I posted on Zelda Dungeon’s YouTube channel on Saturday. It’s the first video discussion I’ve done in a while (especially for that channel) and discusses the recently announced The Wind Waker HD while comparing its graphics (as we’ve seen so far from screenshots) to the original’s. You can watch it here. Enjoy!

Curiosity Shop #102: Zelda Dungeon Mailbag (Halloween!)

Posted the Halloween mailbag today. It’s a day late but meh, it’s the mailbag’s usual day, so I thought it worked better than doing it like a week before Halloween. This is a special mailbag and one of my new favorites! 16 questions, all about spooky or eeeeeeevil topics in the series. It was actually a pain to set up, especially since I had to set up twice because of camera problems messing up the first recording. Anyway, you can watch it here. Enjoy!

Rationalizing Zelda Bosses

I just posted a video up on Zelda Dungeon about Zelda bosses, and more or less talking about what they are or what role they play. I go pretty in-depth and have a few theories and categories, so you should watch the video if you want details. This is a continuation of the monster theme I’m doing with my Zelda Dungeon videos for October. You can watch the video here.

Zelda Monsters That Should Return

Did a new video discussion on Zelda Dungeon finally. Been a while since I did a Zelda video that wasn’t a mailbag! This one’s about monsters that haven’t appeared in a while (or at least haven’t appeared in 3D or to a degree that I’d like) that I want to see again in a Zelda game. It’s a good topic for everyone to weigh in on, though, so be sure to tell me your thoughts in the comments! You can watch the video here.

Two videos about flaws, quality, etc.

Last night I recorded two videos, one of which I uploaded last night and the other this morning. One is a general video for Strange Talk and the other’s a Zelda Dungeon video, but both deal with related topics.

On Strange Talk I discussed some broad concepts, including the difference between being flawless and perfect, how something can be good despite flaws, and the difference between something being your favorite and it being the best. The Zelda video expands off that and talks specifically about how Zelda is a flawed series, but is still extremely great. Check ’em out:

Flawless vs. Perfect, Favorite vs. Best
Zelda: Flawed But Excellent Anyway

E3 Zelda Predictions + Skyward Sword videos…

Over the last few days I’ve done two videos on TheZeldaDungeon’s YouTube channel. The most recent one barely got up in time before E3, and is my Axle’s Zelda Predictions video for the year. The other one is titled Two Bad Arguments Against Skyward Sword, and discusses, well, two criticisms the game receives that are false.