Thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest

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Did a new video discussion on Zelda Dungeon about Battle Quest, giving my thoughts and first impressions of the game. Check it out here.

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  • Din Akera

    I agree that this is great news as I didn’t expect anything Zelda, nor do i think anyone should have! I think this is more than we deserve and I’m slightly annoyed people are complaining. 9_9 I think it looks fun too. I’m excited to play multiplayer. Do we know if it is part of the online think? or is it multiplayer on only the same system? I think that making spin off is fine. Yes, Zelda has these defining qualities and you can move away from them in spin off games and experiment. However, when does the game loose it’s link to it’s parent games? How much can we deviate without getting to it being a non-zelda game. This goes back to the age old question of what makes something a Zelda game or not. Imo, having Link and his items running around killing bad guys makes it pretty close. I don’t think Battle Quest has lost it’s ‘Zelda’ in fact I think it is expanding on it in all the right places, at least what I know of it so far, I just think there need to be a degree of caution with the crazy. I obviously need to watch the footage again, because I didn’t notice the Kirby Epic Yard look. But I hope it isn’t too happy go lucky.