Zelda Wii U Control Compromise

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Did a video on Zelda Dungeon bringing up an idea for a compromise with the controls so it can still have motion controls like Skyward Sword’s but also be accessible for those who don’t like them. Check it out here.

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  • Din Akera

    I think we talked about this on skype already, but hey. I think that the joystick deal is a good compromise. I think it would be beneficial for the player to have the option of stick or motion control. However, I worry that we will loose the meaning of the motion control, as many of us that are lazy will just use the joystick. I’ll admit, i was completely annoyed with SS to start. I didn’t like that i had to sit forward/stand to play. But after I got into the groove, i really started to enjoy it and found a lot of value in it. But I fear that the initial learning of controls and frustration or annoyance people feel when starting the game, will cause them to just pick stick control. Then they will learn the game that way and never switch over because they become comfortable with the controls they learned. I think it is truly bitter sweet, but the option should be there.